Nambu المشغولات الحديدية, غلاية الحديد(Tetsubin), FLAT-AND-ROUND ARARE, 1.2L




The surface is coated with an antirust oxide layer using the traditional technique called kama-yaki (high temperature baking treatment), but as it is cast iron, rust may occur due to moisture and humidity.


هذا النمط العاري هو أحد الخصائص والتصميم النموذجي لأواني نامبو الحديدية.

نمط هذا المنتج جيد بشكل خاص ، مما يجعل التصميم أكثر جمالًا وحساسية.

لا يجعل الشكل المسطح والقاعدة الكبيرة من السهل غلي الماء فحسب ، بل يخلقان أيضًا إحساسًا بالراحة والثبات.

يمكن إمالة المقبض لأسفل ، مما يسهل ملئه بالماء من الصنبور وتخزينه أيضًا.


Cast iron, Steel (Handle)

مناسب لجميع مواقد الطهي بما في ذلك الحث الحراري


Body diameter excluding the spout: approx. 18.5cm

Height to the handle: approx. 18.5cm

Full capacity: 1.2L

Weight: approx.2.04kg


When using induction heating, use low to medium heat.

Do not wash with detergent.

Do not wash using a sponge or scrubber.

Wipe off the excess water around the lid and other parts well, as discoloration and rusting can easily occur.

Please note that cooking near this pot may result in oil stains and discoloration due to oil splashes.

If the gas flame reaches the body of the pot, the part is likely to discolor, so be careful not to increase the heat too much.

Used over an open flame, the base will gradually turn white.

لجعل الشاي والقهوة رائعين

مذاق الماء المغلي في غلاية Nambu الحديدية يانع وحلو حتى عندما يشرب مباشرة. ويرجع ذلك إلى تأثير ترشيح الحديد في الماء الساخن ، ولكن لكي يتسرب الحديد للخارج ، لا يمكن طلاء الجزء الداخلي بالمينا أو معالجته بطريقة أخرى ، وقد يحدث الصدأ. يتم خبز أواني نامبو الحديدية باستخدام التقنية التقليدية المسماة kama-yaki لإنتاج طبقة أكسيد على السطح. يؤدي إلى "مقاومة الصدأ" و "تحسين جودة المياه" ويجعل طعم الشاي والقهوة أفضل.


International Shipping Available

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Products are manufactured after receiving orders and will be shipped from Japan in about 1-2 months(Maximum 3 months for items labeled "made-to-order").
The schedule may be revised depending on destination countries, shipping companies, and changes of customs rules.


About Customs Duties and Taxes

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Please be aware that in all cases you are responsible for paying any import fees applied to your order.

These fees are set in detail for each country and region, and the rules are revised frequently. Please make sure that information is up to date when you place an order.

Refunds due to customs or import issues that are not our responsibility will not be accepted.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Eric K.
Beautiful, Functional

This tetsubin is more lovely in person than it is in the pictures. While researching Oitomi with the intention of purchasing their sandwich pan, I came across Yuzu K’s youtube channel. There she showed a kettle along with the most beautiful trivet I have ever seen. After ordering their Okoze Pan and experiencing Oitomi’s fabulous craftsmanship and warm customer service, I saved some money and and purchased a tetsubin, trivets, and some bottle openers.
The kettle is absolutely stunning, especially at this price point. The artists put extraordinary attention to detail in their pieces, and it shows. It is the centerpiece of the Nambu Tekki display that I refer to as our family hearth.

This purchase was part of a lifestyle change for my wife and I as we have endeavored to eat healthier meals and with smaller portions. Nothing says “I love you” more than serving a meal with functional art of this calibre.

Arkansas, USA

Dear Eric,

Thank you for taking the time to share your delightful experience with our products. We are thrilled to hear that the tetsubin exceeded your expectations and that you find it even more lovely in person than in the pictures.

We're particularly glad that the kettle, trivets, and bottle openers have found a special place in your home. Your description of the extraordinary attention to detail and the tetsubin becoming the centerpiece of your Nambu Tekki display warms our hearts. It's truly an honor to be a p