Nambu Ironware 7"/12" DUAL DISC STABILIZER OTM80821




Combining tradition and modernity, this is a high-quality dual stabilizer that utilizes the vibration damping properties of Nanbu Tekki ironware.

This Nanbu Tekki ironware stabilizer, exclusively for analog vinyls, is a new and absolutley original development by “Nanbu Tekki Oitomi”, layering modern elements on a tradition that transcends generations,
The stabilizer secures the vinyl from above and plays the role of sustaining and improving sound quality by suppressing the mechanical amplitude caused by the rotation of the player’s motor.

The trigger for its development was the idea of the “Nanbu Tekki Stabilizer”, which was born from a dialogue between a young Nanbu Tekki craftsman and music lover, musicians, and DJs who are active in the club scene. In response to the request that it “can be used by both 7-inch vinyls (doughnut record) still popular among enthusiasts and not just with common 12-inch vinyls”, through comprehensive testing of shape, weight, etc., and repeated trial-and-error, the “Dual Record Stabilizer” was completed.

Essentially, cast iron is a heavy-weight alloy of iron and carbon. Vibration energy is absorbed by carbon and replaced by heat. Because its vibration absorbing qualities are well-known, cast iron is also used for engine parts and speaker insulators. While utilizing the vibration damping properties of cast iron, this stabilizer also offers precise handling. Knurling (grooved surface pattern processing) is applied to the edges, and strong beveling is applied for easy handling and attachment to/ detachment from the player. For the prevention of rust, a downside of cast iron, and to prevent paint peeling during attachment/ detachment, black plating is applied to increase the strength.

For shape design and metal processing, we received the cooperation of SunAl Precision Tools, which processes and manufactures molds in Oshu City, Iwate molds in Oshu City. Iwate Prefecture. Crafted with the sophisticated appearance and texture unique to Nanbu Tekki, the stabilizer fits easily in your hand and its comfort increases with continued use. This stabilizer, with its functional beauty, can be expected to improve sound quality which will further enhance the enjoyment of vinyls.

The effect of improving sound quality confirmed by analyzation



In the development, with the cooperation of DJ Kazuhiro Nozaki, the vinyl sound quality while using the 7″/12″ dual vinyl stabilizer was analyzed. For the analysis, we used a 7-inch vinyl (45g) known for its low sound pressure due to its low linear velocity and is known for its high sensitivity to mechanical amplitude compared to the 12-inch vinyl (140-180g). We compared and analyzed the presence or absence of stabilizers with same music under the same vinyling (ripping) conditions.

As an result, although the band distribution changes depending on the musical composition and the instruments / equipment used, when using the stabilizer, the effects of increasing the low range, suppressing the high range (22kHz), and suppressing the mid range were confirmed. This also matches the audible impression that the bass drum is increased and the sound image appears to “sit down”. Of course it can be said to be effective of course for normal listening, but it is also effective for digital sampling / quantization of analog sound sources.

Creators: Nanbu Tekki Craftsman Hiroki Okawa, DJ/Producer Kazuhiro Nozaki
Partner companies: Sun Ai Seiki / Kanamori Shiki


Cast Iron


Weight abut 540g
Diameter 52 mm
Height 38 mm
Processing: Lathe machining, Black plating


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