Nambu Ironware 7"/12" DUAL DISC STABILIZER OTM80821




Blending the essence of tradition and modernity, this exceptional dual stabilizer harnesses the remarkable vibration damping attributes of Nanbu Tekki ironware to ensure superior quality and performance.

Introducing an innovative creation by "Nanbu Tekki Oitomi" – the Nanbu Tekki ironware stabilizer, specially designed for analog vinyls. This groundbreaking product seamlessly integrates contemporary elements with a timeless tradition that spans generations. The stabilizer offers a novel approach to preserving the quality of vinyl playback. By securing the vinyl from above, it effectively mitigates the mechanical fluctuations induced by the turntable's motor rotation, resulting in enhanced sound quality and an immersive listening experience.

The catalyst for its inception stemmed from the concept of the "Nanbu Tekki Stabilizer," an idea that emerged through a discourse involving a youthful Nanbu Tekki artisan, as well as aficionados of music, musicians, and DJs deeply engaged in the realm of club culture. Fueled by the directive that it should accommodate not only the prevalent 12-inch vinyls but also the cherished 7-inch vinyls (doughnut records) favored by enthusiasts, an exhaustive exploration encompassing form, weight, and various other parameters was undertaken. After persistent iterations of testing and refinement, the culmination of these efforts materialized as the "Dual Record Stabilizer."

Essentially, cast iron is a dense alloy of iron and carbon, capable of absorbing vibration energy and converting it to heat. This trait, well-known for vibration reduction, also makes cast iron valuable for engine parts and speaker insulators. Leveraging its vibration-dampening attributes, this stabilizer ensures precise handling.

Enhancing user-friendliness, we've incorporated knurled edges for grip and beveling for easy attachment/detachment. To counter rust and prevent paint peeling, common cast iron drawbacks, we've added a layer of black plating for increased strength.

In design and craftsmanship, we collaborated with SunAl Precision Tools in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture. The stabilizer's ergonomic design, unique Nanbu Tekki texture, and functional beauty contribute to improved sound quality, elevating vinyl enjoyment.

The effect of improving sound quality confirmed by analyzation



During the development phase, in collaboration with DJ Kazuhiro Nozaki, we meticulously evaluated the sound quality of the 7″/12″ dual vinyl stabilizer. Our analysis focused on the performance of a 7-inch vinyl (45g), renowned for its subdued sound pressure due to its relatively lower linear velocity. This format is also recognized for its heightened susceptibility to mechanical amplitude, as opposed to the 12-inch vinyl (140-180g). The study involved a comparison and thorough analysis of sound quality with and without the stabilizer, employing identical music and vinyling (ripping) conditions.

The findings revealed shifts in the frequency distribution contingent upon the musical composition and equipment utilized. However, consistent outcomes encompassed heightened lower frequency response, attenuation of the higher range (22kHz), and controlled mid-range frequencies upon using the stabilizer. This corroborates perceptual observations such as intensified bass drum presence and a more grounded sound image. Beyond conventional listening applications, the stabilizer's efficacy extends to digital sampling and quantization of analog sound sources, further expanding its utility.

Creators: Nanbu Tekki Craftsman Hiroki Okawa, DJ/Producer Kazuhiro Nozaki

Partner companies: Sun Ai Seiki / Kanamori Shiki


Cast Iron


Weight abut 540g
Diameter 52 mm
Height 38 mm
Processing: Lathe machining, Black plating


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