Nambu Ironware, Iron pot, LABO2




This product is cast iron, rust may occur due to moisture and humidity.


Presenting the LABO2—an embodiment of family-sized convenience, boasting a 1.3-liter capacity ideal for households of 2 to 3 individuals. Its counterpart, LABO, stands at 0.7 liters, tailored to accommodate 1 to 2 people.

A novel proposition for a size that resonates with your needs

The evolution of contemporary households has ushered in a notable reduction in occupancy. With single-person households and nuclear families becoming increasingly prevalent, the dimensions of traditional iron pots appear excessive.

Taking into consideration the contemporary emphasis on weight and maneuverability, the 1.3-liter LABO2 emerges as an optimum solution—neither overly spacious nor excessively compact. Its design is impeccably suited for couples or families with young children.

Distinguishing Features of LABO2:

  • A modern contour infused with the essence of traditional Japanese iron pots
  • The design finds its inspiration in the Japanese cray pot, ingeniously curbing the likelihood of spillage

In contrast to the conventional linear design of international pots and pans, which might hinder certain tasks such as oil mixing and food extraction using utensils, LABO2 embraces a rounded base. This curvature draws inspiration from the silhouette of time-honored Japanese iron pots, deeply rooted in the nation's history. Oitomi's design philosophy of harmonizing "和洋折衷" (the fusion of Japanese and Western styles) and embracing "温故知新" (learning from the past to uncover the new) finds expression here.

Meticulously Engineered Spillage Prevention

Akin to the form of a Japanese clay pot, the lid has been ingeniously devised to deter spillage. It features a back-protrusion allowing steam to cascade into the pot in the form of minute water droplets, rendering it amenable to waterless cooking.

The Enigma of the Iron Lid

Steam elegantly cascades from the rear protrusions of the lid, materializing as delicate water droplets. The inherent weight of the iron lid counteracts any inclination to lift, effectively curtailing the likelihood of spillage. The strategic placement of steam holes further contributes to the spillage-resistant design.


Cast iron, Cashew lacquer baked coating (No enamel processing)

Suitable for all stovetops including induction

We have confirmed that the product can be used with 100V(200V NOT RECOMMENDED), but some models may not respond, please contact the manufacturer.


Diameter: 18cm
Height: 13.5m
Width (including handle): 24.5cm
Height (including lid): 9cm
Weight: 2.7 kg (body 1.8 kg, lid 900 g)
Capacity: 1.3L
Because it is handmade, there may be individual minor differences in shape and size.


You need to season the pan before using.
Drop oil into the pan, apply it using a paper towel, and then heat it up until it smokes a little.
The oil prevents the pan from rusting.
Be sure to use kitchen mittens, as the handles get hot.
Avoid rapid cooling after heating, as this may cause damage.
As this pot is made of metal, it is not microwave safe.
Using dishwasher is not recommended.


International Shipping Available

All items are eligible for international shipping.

Items are manufactured after receiving orders and will be shipped from Japan in about 1-2 months(Maximum 3 months for items labeled "made-to-order").
The schedule may be revised depending on destination countries, shipping companies, and changes of customs rules.


About Customs Duties and Taxes

Your final payment on our website includes the price of the product and shipping costs, but does not include any other fees required for international shipping, such as import taxes, customs duties, and other fees.

Please be aware that in all cases you are responsible for paying any import fees applied to your order.

These fees are set in detail for each country and region, and the rules are revised frequently. Please make sure that information is up to date when you place an order.

Refunds due to customs or import issues that are not our responsibility will not be accepted.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Eric Kriner
Birthday Gift for Wife

The Labo2 is a donabe style pot perfect for cooking 2 cups of rice. My wife loves it! Keep in mind that Nambu Tekki is a bit more porous than USA made cast iron, so a tawashi-style brush is the best way to clean it. Over time, however, it becomes much more smooth than US brands who don't specifically machine the cooking surface (I have no experience with premium US made cast iron).
It is worthy to note that the handle of the lid screws into place and is not molded, so be mindful to examine the screw itself when cleaning and seasoning the lid so as to avoid rust in that area.
Oitomi delivered quickly and the pot was packaged excellently. I encourage everyone to experience the fine craftsmanship and top-tier customer service for themselves. Order with absolute confidence!
Arkansas, United States

Dear Eric,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback about the Labo2 donabe style pot! We're delighted to hear that your wife loves it and that you've had a positive experience with Nambu Tekki craftsmanship.

We're thrilled that your order arrived quickly and that you were satisfied with the packaging and our customer service. We strive to provide the best products and service, and your encouraging words mean a lot to us.

If you ever have more questions or need assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to serving you again.

Thank you for your support and kind words!

Best regards,