Nambu Ironware, Iron pot, LABO




This product is cast iron, rust may occur due to moisture and humidity.


A pot that makes you want to cook something, and get creative.
A pot that brings the cook and the eater closer together.

Let's do what we can in this time when the Coronavirus Disease is bringing people farther apart.

With that in mind, we created the new iron pot and named it LABO.
It stands for the word "laboratory".

It is a pot that supports your originality and ingenuity.
"I want a stylish pot that is less prone to boil over, light, suitable for two people, and will make cooking fun."

We received such a request from a customer in the summer of 2020.
She lived alone and was unable to leave her home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.
First, we adopted a drop-lid design inspired by a Japanese traditional tabletop clay pot.

A hole for steam is also installed, which makes the pot less prone to spillage.
The handle is also unique, and the lid is shaped like a fruit stalk, which gives it a cute look and can be recognized at a glance.

The lid is designed to prevent it from rolling when flipped over.


Cast iron

Suitable for all stovetops including induction


Capacity: 0.7L
Weight: 1.7kg
Diameter including handles: 20cm
Inner diameter: 13cm
Height: (without the lid) : 16cm
Base diameter: 10cm
Height including the lid: 12cm


You need to season the pan before using.
Drop oil into the pan, apply it using a paper towel, and then heat it up until it smokes a little.
The oil prevents the pan from rusting.
Be sure to use kitchen mittens, as the handles get hot.
Avoid rapid cooling after heating, as this may cause damage.
As this pot is made of metal, it is not microwave safe.
Using dishwasher is not recommended.


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