Nambu Ironware, Skillet, OKOZE PAN (Stonefish)




This product is cast iron, rust may occur due to moisture and humidity.


This is a pair of skillets.

It was created through a collaboration between EFRICA and Oitomi, an outdoor brand born in Iwate Prefecture, our hometown.

Okoze (Stonefish) is known as a symbol of good luck when entering the mountains in Japan.

EFRICA x Oitomi Collaboration! A pair of skillets

This Nambu Ironware skillet was created in 2022 through a collaboration between EFRICA and Oitomi, an outdoor brand located in Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

The two-piece design allows for a variety of uses and cooking. Sandwich and grill your favorite foods. Hot sandwiches and meats are deliciously grilled on this skillet. The rugged rectangular skillet also gives off the atmosphere of iron.

This item can be used like a Dutch oven with charcoal on top or directly in the fire for a dynamic use.

If you put a meat on the skillet and cover it, can cook it on both sides. This cooking method is only possible with the Okoze pan.

Each can be used independently as a skillet. For example, you can use them separately to grill meat in one and cook Spanish Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo)  in the other.

The weight of the skillet provides a good amount of pressure without locking when cooking a hot sandwich.

Many hot sandwich makers have been released that can hold a lot of ingredients, but the Okoze pan does not lock, so there is no limit to the amount of ingredients that can be placed in it.

Denim bag for carrying

We made a bag to carry Okoze pan. The bag is made of thick and durable original denim with a cow leather patch in the shape of the Okoze logo.

It is a special denim bag that can be used with Okoze pan for a long time.


Cast iron, Denim, Cow leather

Suitable for all stovetops including induction
*(1) is not recommended for using induction due to the flatness from the bottom to the handle.


(1) Cooking surface: flat
Weight: 1,050g
Length of handle: 14.5 cm
Internal dimension: 14.8 cm (length) 14.8 cm (width)
External dimension: 15.7 cm (length) 15.7 cm (width)
Height of the main body: 3.2cm

(2) Cooking surface: with a pile
Weight: 1,300g
Length of handle: 17cm
Internal dimension: 13.3 cm (length) 13.3 cm (width)
Outer dimension: 14 cm (length), 14 cm (width)
Body height: 2.5cm

*All items have individual differences.


You need to season the pan before using.
Drop oil into the pan, apply it using a paper towel, and then heat it up until it smokes a little.
The oil prevents the pan from rusting.
Be sure to use kitchen mittens, as the handles get hot.
Avoid rapid cooling after heating, as this may cause damage.
As this pot is made of metal, it is not microwave safe.
Using dishwasher is not recommended.


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