Nambu Ironware, 2-in-1 Iron kettle and teapot type, WOODGRAIN, wasabi, 0.6L




The surface is coated with an antirust oxide layer using the traditional technique called kama-yaki, but because it is cast iron, rust may occur due to moisture and humidity.
Since the inside is not enameled, the leached iron and tannin may bind and discolor the tea. It is harmless to the human body.


We would like to create Nambu ironware that fits in with a variety of interior styles, including Western or Japanese.

It was with this firm belief that the grain pattern was produces from many design sketches drawn by our eighth generation. The knob looks like a flower bud.

It is tall and has a capacity of 0.6 liter, making it larger than Arare (small) or Hisago.

The strainer is also tall, spacious and large, which allows tea leaves to open well.
This can be used not only for boiling water for daily use, but also as a teapot.


Cast iron, Stainless-steel (Tea strainer)

Suitable for all stovetops including induction


Color: wasabi
Entire width: 16cm
Entire height: 16cm
Width: 11cm
Height to the lid: 10cm
Full capacity: 0.6L
Weight: 1.3kg


When using induction heating, use low to medium heat.
Do not wash with detergent.
Do not wash using a sponge or scrubber.
Please note that cooking near this pot may result in oil stains and discoloration due to oil splashes.

2-in-1 Iron kettle and teapot type

You can use this type not only to boil water over an open flame, but also as a teapot with a tea strainer inside.
Nambu ironware is produced using the traditional technique called "kama-yaki" to generate an oxide layer on the surface. It leads to "rust resistance" and "dissolved iron effect" and makes tea and coffee taste better.


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